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Electric Power Generation / Production From Magnetic Tapes

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1st page:  Project Description   Frames Option  -  Non-Frames Option

Contents:  Physical Principles, Specifications, Considerations and Cooperation Status for the Electric Power Production From Magnetic Tapes – Portable Power Supplies. A Lawyer is needed to submit lawsuits against the natural gas companies in Greece.

2nd page:  Commonly Asked Questions   Frames Option  -  Non-Frames Option

Contents:  Technical & General Questions along with Answers and brief report about the Web Presence of this project: Very low cost, entirely environmental energy source.

The frames are recommended because they help you become familiar with the contents of the above pages, but you may select the non-frames option if this is preferable to you.

3rd page:   Business Plan

Contents:  Proposed Business Plan, including Social Impacts, for this eco-friendly power source that affects directly the Global Home Appliances Industry and Transportation Industry, resulting in portable and mobile power supplies for Household Devices and Electric Vehicles.

4th page:   Link Exchange

Contents:  Brief instructions and electronic form for Link Exchange with Individuals, Corporations, Organizations or Any Businesses whose web sites are related to technical issues or environmental items, as well as Sites related to legal services or political parties.

5th page:   About Motives Of The Assaults Against United States

Contents:  Personal thoughts and People reactions about the attacks against USA on September 11, 2001: The war-on-terror and Iran controversy serve the peak oil suppression.

6th page:   History Of The PPS Project

Contents:  Brief historical presentation of the Electric Power Production From Magnetic Tapes project and its Conflict with the fuels industry. A Direct Commercialization is presented in accordance with legal initiatives about environmental problems and/or peak oil supply.

7th page:   Magnetic Data Storage Jobs In Function With The Oil Industry

Contents:  Various propositions for tranquil co-existence of Magnetic Data Storage Products and petroleum industry, until Investors have Court order or legal protection for the PPS commercialization. Effects on Entertainment Industry are also presented.

8th page:   Legal Activism Against The Peak Oil Suppression

Contents:  Let us join the Anti-War Movement and Consumer Unions, by influencing our politicians at every place. We are ABSOLUTELY LEGAL to tell OPEC and RUSSIA that the Global Economy DOES NOT NEED the oil and gas. What about the Wars' Impacts on Public Health?

Author's Name:  Basil Dimitropoulos
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