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This Web Page Is Dedicated To Those War Victims Who Suffer And Die From Incurable Diseases
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The purpose of the present article is to join the Anti-War Movement and Consumer Unions, in order to influence our politicians in our Countries (where each of us lives). So, the information within this web site is primarily provided for legal negotiations about the crude oil prices, while the Investing Community must constantly be in lawful alertness, in order to bring the Portable Power Supplies to Energy Market. See a Letter To Investors.

Besides, the OPEC constitutes a cartel that opposes the Free Market Economy while the troops gathering in gulf area, in Autumn of 2002 for the Iraq "democratization" rose the crude oil prices beyond the 25$ / barrel AND with various OPEC pretexts, the today's oil prices are totally in the dock.

There are verbal denunciations about the oil firms or International Petroleum Exchange – while the IPE or firms say that the oil reserves remain huge, the truth is entire opposite. In this way, the today's absonant prices are going to finance the last depleted oil reserves which means that the peak oil Age has come before the Invasion in Iraq (the "democratization" was just an initial pretext to overcome the 25$/barrel barrier).

The denouncers say that the OPEC cartel does not want to permit (but does declare) the peak oil Era for the sake of Caspian region. Moreover, the OPEC has repeatedly blamed the heavy taxation of the majority of oil-importing countries, while the importing companies may not care about the contract prices (the Consumers pay higher).

The most exciting OPEC pretext is the Oil Demand from China and India. These two countries have export-oriented Economies (as the whole south-eastern Asia Region) and need their currencies to be depreciated – see the american charges against China for the super-competitive chinese products, due to intentionally cheap Yuan. Well, how can all these Nations seek oil with such absonant prices? The OPEC pretexts also include alleged rising gasoline demand in United States, severe cold in north hemisphere or weather conditions in Central America, legal conflicts between the russian state and Yukos Oil, various internal conflicts inside the OPEC countries such as Nigeria or Venezuela etc.

Well, in 1998, when the crude oil prices had toppled at nine US$ / barrel, did not people want oil or gasoline for heating in winter or car trips in summer? Was our World without typhoons or excessive cold in March? without russian crises? without regional conflicts? Does anyone out there remember a year of the past without typhoons in Central America? What about the financial crisis (and scandals) in Russia in 1998 (resulting from the russian failure to eliminate the magnetic data storage media)? In the next year (1999), the late Russian President Boris Yeltsin had declared in the Mass Media Globally that the two thirds of the russian economy are found on criminals' hands!!! So, what speculators and OPEC try to do?

Dear Consumers, without legal pressure by anti-speculation measures, the crude and retail oil prices become unchecked. Therefore, the various Consumer Unions and Activist Groups around the World must evolve legal initiatives, if we (the Consumers) want regular oil prices in the long term – see press release.

The Third World Development requires among others cheap fuels and clean water – the Poor People around the World can NOT buy expensive oil and gasoline. And if the oil industry is not able to offer regular prices, then should we suffer from oil wars or democratization processes of relevant nations?

The violence gets endless (who is next?), while some experts say that the Enron collapse days were perfect for permanent oil settlement and all of us can ask about the Legality of the "war on terrorism". And Al Qaeda has declared that the War in Iraq is the REASON (in law science, CAUSE) of their attacks on Europe or everywhere on the World. The muslim countries whose governments support the "western crusaders" in Iraq, also run the gauntlet due to the same CAUSE: Iraq War. Regardless of the withdrawal of US troops from Syria, the kamikaze-attacks on Iraqi soil REMAIN in full blast. And Iran invokes energy needs to support its nuclear program.

Also, the October 7th Hamas attacks against Israel would probably NEVER happened, because of the peaceful agrrement since 1994 (between the fuels industry and the Rest of Us). See the quiet years from 1994 to 9/11 attacks.

So, an International Public Prosecutor is competent to bring into Court the Transition of our Society to the PPS Era. This means that the Court (consisting of Different Races, so that there is Multi-Cultural Representation) will only verify the peak oil Age and may modify or add on to the Integrated Services to temporarily unemployed People.

The governments are advised to devolve monetary competencies to the private banks and insurance companies, in order to arrange corruption issues over the full board service. The private banks & insurance companies – regardless of their undermining through the credit crisis – have motive to protect the banknotes value (money) from any corruption or inflation (waste of fundings). ALL the People will see the work as a pleasure with the Drastic Reduction of Working Time and Spare Time for the Amenities of Life. No One will have motive to do harm to anyone and our World (All The Races) will be based on the feeling of togetherness, supported by the LOW Cost Of Living and Free Services.

Therefore, the local Prosecutors will only give the order to the private banks and insurance companies to provide the full board service to temporarily unemployed People, unless other arrangements take place by the Central Banks. Thus, any Investors have the Indefeasible Right to influence International Judicial Authorities for a Campaign of PPS Awareness.

About the Islamic State and Arabian Spring

Regarding the uprisings of 2011 and afterwards in Muslim Nations, these revolutions DO NOT SOLVE the Peak Oil Problem. Moreover, the PPS entrance to the marketplace since 2001 (instead of the "war-on-terror" launch), would then have freed the Arab Populations; the Arab Dictators would NOT have motive to continue their political power against their folk. To this point, regarding the Turku - Finland terrorist (Moroccan), in August of 2017, this attack WOULD NEVER BE occurred IF this terrorist had NO motive to seek asylum – no oil wars since 2001, no refugees crisis (Morocco is a common Muslim Nation, with the "vision" of Arabian Spring).

The islamic state (ISIS or caliphate), in both Iraq and Syria areas, would NOT exist today IF the local oil refineries had stopped their operation since 2001. It goes without saying that any islamic reprisals due to western intervention for the Middle East "Democratization" (including the Iraq & Syria Civil Wars), IMPLY Compensations for Victims' Families around the Globe (including the Victims within Islamic Nations), according to the 9/11 Compensation Fund: These wars would NOT happen IF the PPS were on the storeshelves since 2001. Due to these wars, we have the western raid against Syria in April of 2018, as well as the Stockholm terror attack with truck, in April of 2017. Sweden is the country of origin of the ISIS fighters majority (the islamic state has been defeated, so its soldiers want revenge). And in May of 2017, we have the Manchester Massacre. Further, in January of 2018, we have the ISIS attack on Kabul military academy, while in March of 2018, we have the South France attack. Also, in April of 2020, we have the mass stabbing and vehicle ramming attacks in France again.

The above imply that the Relatives of the Passengers at the explosion of russian airplane of 2015 over Sinai, DESERVE Compensations from EITHER Russian OR Western (USA, UK, french etc), fuel industry corporations; the causality connection begins with the 9/11 attacks and goes on up to our days. The russian participation to Syria bombing GAVE jihadists the right to explode the airplane.

Regarding the Ukrainian crisis (and War), the local politicians DID NOT SAY the truth to the Ukrainian folk, about the European Prospect of Ukraine. The Supreme Court Of Greece decided in 2010 that the natural gas can NOT come to Greece as in the rest Europe. This means that the gas pipelines will NOT transfer the russian natural gas of Gazprom through the ukrainian land. So, if Ukraine is going to enter EU, there is not any "toll rates" demand. Concerning the NATO, this organization has been OBSOLETE since 1991. Its expansion to East, gave Russia excuse finding to invade Ukraine, while I regret to say that ALL the Ukrainian People are VICTIMS of both russian & ukrainian governments. AND we should not forget the REFUGEES to Eastern EU. The greek minority of Ukraine is also a headache for us the Greeks. Further, the 2014's shooting down of the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 Would NOT Happen IF the PPS were on the storeshelves since 2001; Russia & Ukraine would not have any dispute about the natural gas of Gazprom. THIS IS the REAL CAUSE of this War (the NATO expansion is just the excuse finding). These imply that BOTH Refugees AND Passengers' loved ones DESERVE Compensations according to the 9/11 Compensation Fund.

Regarding the attacks of 2014 against some cities of France, wherever exists religious motive, ALL the Victims and their Families DESERVE Compensations from their local (french) fuel corporations. For example, in Nantes and Tours, the religious motives are UNDOUBTED. For the Dijon case, there is a terrorism doubt, according to the local prosecutor. But according to some news reports, even in Dijon case, there is terrorism link.

Similarly, the Tragedy of January of 2015 against the Magazine Offices in Paris (France again), as well as the attacks of February against the cafe in Copenhagen (Denmark), WOULD NOT HAPPEN IF the PPS were on the storeshelves since 2001. The 9/11 RUIN sowed the seeds of hatred between Islam and Christianity, resulting in brain-washing of islamists & christians. This one, also applies to the German / Iranian Killer, soon after the Nice massacre, in Munich - Germany, in July of 2016. The killer insulted Immigrants before he shoots. In addition, the Quebec Mosque Attack in Canada, late January of 2017, is also a result of the mentioned hatred. Further, the June 19th London Mosque Attack case also applies to this hatred, as well as the Hamburg knife attacker (in late July of 2017) who shouted "Allahu akbar" or God is greatest. And in August of 2017, we have the Barcelona massacre, while two months later, we have the Marseille knife attack (October 1st) AND Manhattan (New York City) truck attack (October 31st - Halloween Day). In May of 2018, we have the Paris and Liege ISIS attacks, while in August of 2018, we have the Amsterdam stab attack. In September of 2018, we have the Islamophobic attack in North West London Mosque (hate crime). And in October of 2018, we have the Cologne - Germany molotov attack (the offender had Syrian ID). In December of 2018, we have the Strasbourg - France attack, while in January of 2019, we have the Oslo - Norway knife attack. In March of 2019, we have the stabbing attack of north-western France, the murderous shooting in Tram of Utrecht - Netherlands AND the New Zealand Massacre. In August of 2019, we have the Oslo - Norway (again) gunman attack. This means that the Victims' Families (as well as any injured) DESERVE Compensations according to the 9/11 Compensation Fund.

The above imply that the Paris Massacre of November of 2015, as well as the Brussels attacks of March of 2016, WERE AN ACT against Multi-Culturism, which is in charge by many politicians (mainly conservatives but even socialists). The catch in this charge consists in the FACT that this peaceful co-existence of muslims & christians WAS UNDERMINED by the 9/11 disaster (war-on-terror). The so-called "lone wolves" TRY TO REVENGE the West for its Impudence and Arrogance. It goes without saying that ALL the Families of Victims of the Paris & Brussels Massacre DESERVE Compensations according to the above Fund. The same legal terms apply to the Mali attacks, soon after the Paris attacks. The same chain causation for Compensations applies to the San Bernardino shootings in California (USA), early December of 2015, as well as the London - UK attacks in March of 2017. And on June 3rd of 2017, we have the London Bridge attack ("lone wolf" cases). Further, in October of 2019, we have the 4 dead and 2 injured from stabbing attacks in Paris - France (again). In late November of 2019, we have the islamic mass stabbing in London Bridge again, while in December of 2019, we have the shootings in Florida - USA. In January of 2020, we have the stabbing attacks in Villejuif - France, while in February of 2020, we have the stabbing attacks in Streatham - London and Metz - France. In September of 2020, we have the stabbing attacks in Paris - France (again). Regarding the Hanau massacre (Germany) in February of 2020, it is unclear whether or not this atrocity would ever happen in the PPS era (given the traditional hatred of neo-nazis for foreigners).

Concerning the stabbing and decapitation of October of 2020 in France – including the Nice stabbing – due to the offensive cartoons of charlie hebdo magazine, the competent Prosecutors MUST take into consideration the POLITICAL concequences of the today's West / Islam WAR – given that the Nuclear-Armed Pakistan may participate in this PARANOID war. Further, in November of 2020, we have the mass shooting in Vienna - Austria and in September of 2021, we have the stabbing of seven people in Auckland - New Zealand. In October of 2021, we have the Danish killer case in Norway, killing five people while in UK, there is the islamic murderous stabbing attack against MP (Member of Parliament). Also, in October of 2023, we have the Arras attack (school in France), from an Islamist who shouted "Allah ukbar", according to a local Prosecutor. Further, NO 9/11 attacks, NO Islamophobia Inculcation in the mind of 71 years old man in Chicago - USA (who murdered six years old boy with knife) in October of 2023, HENCE NO Brussels attacks against two Swedish Citizens – the Tunisian member of ISIS said (before he died) that the murder of six years old boy (Muslim) IS THE REASON of his action. In addition, the Belgian Police said that the action of Tunisian killer was due to Koran Burning in Stockholm by Far Right Wing members (who also have the Islamophobia Inculcation in their minds). And on December 2nd of 2023, we have the stabbing in Paris - France, where the attacker pledged alliance to the Islamic State. It goes without saying that ALL the relevant Families of VICTIMS of these atrocities DESERVE Compensations according to the 9/11 Compensation Fund.

The massacre of Florida bar (USA) in June of 2016, as well as the Orlando Airport attacks in January of 2017, also imply Compensations for the Families of Victims, according to the 9/11 attacks. Furthermore, the truck driver who killed 86 people in Nice - France, in July of 2016, WAS a "lone wolf". The mass media tried to introduce the French killer case as an event, independent from the jihadists. See the Syrian refugee case who blew himself up on July 24th in the Bavarian city of Ansbach, which is clearly ISIS related, injuring 15 people (four of them seriously). Additionally, a 17-year-old Afghan refugee armed with an axe and a knife wounded five people on a train near W rzburg - Bavaria (Germany). Similarly, a Somali refugee caused calamity in Ohio (USA), late November of 2016. And in December of 2016, we have the Berlin truck attacks. In April of 2017, we have the St. Petersburg metro attacks AND 1st Egypt massacre – in May 0f 2017, we have the 2nd Egypt massacre. In September of 2017, we have the London train terrorist attack. Also, in St. Petersburg again (Russia), we have the supermarket attack in December of 2017. And in July of 2018, we have the North Caucasus (Russia again) terror attacks from the Islamic State. In November of 2018, we have the ISIS stabbing attack in Melbourne - Australia. And in December of 2018, we have the two Nordic Victims in Morocco, while in January of 2019, we have the Arizona (USA) stabbing attack. In April of 2019, we have the Sri Lanka anti-Christian Massacre, the vehicle ramming attack in Sunnyvale - United States and shooting attack in Poway (USA again) – the killer of this attack was inspired by the Christchurch (New Zealand) Massacre, among others. And in May of 2019, we have the anti-Muslim riots in Sri Lanka AND Lyon (France) bomb of ISIS, injuring 13 people (maimed etc). Of course, IF the PPS were on the marketplace since 2001, NEITHER the religious hatred NOR the islamic state would exist today. So, ALL the relevant People DESERVE Compensations, as the 9/11 Families.

I do appeal to the International Judicial Authorities to STOP THIS MADNESS, by bringing the PPS to the global marketplace – BEFORE we mourn ADDITIONAL Victims in the future.

The terrorism exploitation for political purposes is an Urgent Legal Issue

These exploitations take place in daily policy making, as the "war-on-terror" pretext, and are being intensified in pre-election time periods like the 2002 and 2004 in USA, or, in peripheral wars as the Russia-Chechnya controversy, where the regional tragedies (North Ossetia school in September of 2004 and Moscow Theater in October of 2002) made the global public opinion to shudder. Then, we heard of russian announcements about pre-emptive wars! as the Bush Wars. The legality matter consists in three things:

1.  Is it legal that a politician makes references to terror events that himself and some of his party members have caused? (this one applies to 9/11 attacks and former Bush Administration).
2.  Is it legal that a politician makes correlations between the "war on terror" (9/11 attacks) and a national issue (a former Soviet Union republic i.e. Chechnya seeks its independence from the Russian Federation) WHEN similar actions there were BEFORE September 11 2001? (Hospital siege at Southern Russia in 1995 – this one applies to Russian President Vladimir Putin and his '90s predecessor Boris Yeltsin for the initial Russian invasion in Chechnya, in December of 1994).
3.  Is it legal that the Leaders of our today's world exploit the various national conflicts around the World in order to promote oil or gas pipelines at every bombed area, by tearing out the public opinion's attention and investors' funds?

The last question is referred to the Hot Wars after the End Of Cold War:

In all the above wars, each time a country was bombarded, the Mass Media globally were talking about alleged passes (and "toll rates") of oil or gas pipelines through the area of that country. For example, in 1999, the Balkans pipelines came into fashion. From 2001, the central Asia pipelines are in fashion.

To this point, the Sydney Massacre of 2014, would NOT happen IF the PPS were on the storeshelves since 2001. The Iranian killer (or jihadist according to some news reports) SAID that his attack was REPRISALS for the Australian Participation in Afghanistan Bombings, since 2001. This means that the Victims' Families, as well as the Frightened Crowd within the cafeteria, DESERVE Compensations according to the 9/11 Compensation Fund. The same legal terms for Compensations also apply to New York and New Jersey attacks of September of 2016. The Afghan Killer IS RELATED to the Afghanistan War since 2001. Similarly, the Kabul Hotel attack AND ambulance bomb, in January of 2018, constitute a yet another one massacre from Taliban (resulting in Compensations).

Well, whatever country is bombed after the End Of Cold War, there is always a different pipelines scenario for that area! And what about the Wars' Impacts on Humans Health? Does everyone out there know about the depleted uranium bombs (NATO,1999) and their effects to the ground? The leukaemia cases of local Population and foreign soldiers? The leukaemia cases due to contaminated agricultural products (exported to neighbouring countries including Greece)?



Please spread the word out: – Electric Power Production From Magnetic Tapes. It is our Constitutional Right to influence our politicians, political parties and Business People. I kindly ask you to do "like" at even if you do not know greek language.

After all, many People believe that the USSR formation in the early of 20th century was a "history mistake". If Pierre Proudhon Ideas had won Marx ideas during the 19th century, then the today's industrialized nations would enjoy a true prosperity with social justice based on equal opportunities etc. However, these discussions require TV Stations and talk shows, while the Internet medium is not sufficient for such controversies.

And if the "war on terror" did not exist, the natural disasters (such as the Haiti earthquake, Pakistan floods and hurricane Haiyan) would affect the Public Opinion as a an ethical Quest for where our Civilization is headed – instead of the today's emotional comparison of the Number of Victims in the two cases (terrorism and natural disasters) and the consequent cover-up of terrorism by natural catastrophes.

And the COVID-19 Pandemic Victims exceeded 10 millions Globally (many more than "terrorism" Victims). This thing was like a coup d'etat. We could not get out of our homes without papers and/or masks. Also, various small shops went off. Someone MUST prove that the SARS-CoV-2 was NOT appeared RANDOMLY, but it was produced in a bio/med lab outside of China (highly probable in Russia).

The following three paragraphs were first-published on Saturday, November 12th of 2016 with the reason of then Trump election at the Presidency of United States. Since then, there are various updates up to our days.
Concerning the Biden election, although he does not seem to be extremist like Trump, I consider that he can cause COUP D'ETAT in Greece, by exploiting the Greeks' folk reaction from the expensiveness and high living cost, while we recently had the governmental measures against pademic. Of course, we already experienced a "coronavirus dictatorship". On the other hand, the "trumpism" remains deeply rooted in the american society and Trump himself has repeatedly said that he will come back to the USA Presidency in 2024, so the Extreme Right Wing fear is always timely.

IF a military dictatorship is going to take place in Greece, I REALLY doubt about the web site MAINTENANCE. The "benefit" of such a dictatorship would be the introduction of natural gas to the greek households (since Biden's son has closed relations with the ukrainian natural gas company Burisma). This introduction, of course, IS ABSOLUTELY ILLEGAL because it infringes the Decision of 2010 of the Supreme Court Of Greece. Besides, ONLY the Elected Governments are LEGAL.

I do appeal to the greek government to PREVENT a military dictatorship, by bringing the PPS on the storeshelves. I hope that this update will lead to the cancellation of any coup d'etat plans in Greece.

On the other hand, I try to build a Communication Bridge with the nationalistic right wing (NOT the nazis of political parties, such as "golden dawn" or "Spartans"), in order to maintain this web site in case of coup d'etat. According to the last Election (June 2023), we have three Extreme Right Wing parties in the Parliament: The "Hellenic Solution" (which exists since 2019), the "Victory" and the "Spartans". Given that the russian influence is Pervasive in Far Right Wing in general, there is an Issue about the Future of Parliamental Democracy (the Decisions of the Supreme Court are toppled only by change of Constitutionalism). Therefore, I proudly state that Macedonia Is Greek Name.

In summary, I mention that I do not make any intervention to the internal affairs of Russia or any other Country. Just I post this article as an internet activism, as if I was a journalist. Thanks.

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